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The Varna Koota In Kundli Matching Explained By astroYogi

Monday, April 23, Varna Color or caste. Today we describe Varna. Varna means color or caste. As with the caste system in india, Varna is divided up into four categories, these are: 1 Brahmin 2 Kshatryia 3 Vaishya 4 Shudra The varnas indicate the natural indication of the person towards various forms of work.

Vedic Varnas (Castes)

A person of Brahmin varna enjoys thinking the most. They do not prefer physical work, but would rather be happy to work in a field wherein mental faculties are most used and physical work is minimized.

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The Kshatriya is a person who enjoys fighting. In today's world this would mean that they will be best suited for work such as competitive sports, law enforcement and even being a coporate strategist or master criminal! The system of Gun Milan believes that the Vashya of boy should be superior to the Vashya of girl under consideration for match making in order for the couple to lead a happy and compatible married life.

Hence 2 out of 2 Gunas or points are assigned for Vashya match if the Vashya of boy is superior to the Vashya of girl. On the other hand, if the Vashya of girl is superior to the Vashya of the boy, the Gunas assigned to such Vashya match start decreasing in the order in which the Vashya of the girl is superior to that of the boy.

In some of these cases where Vashya of the girl is far superior to the Vashya of the boy, 0. The reason for this classification is again the same as for Varna and Vedic astrology believes that the Vashya of the husband should be superior to the Vashya of the wife so that the husband may guide and control the wife. This is considered bad and hence a score of 0 is assigned for this Vashya match and Vashya Dosh is formed in such match making.

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There are a total of 25 combinations which are possible for Vashya match between a boy and a girl; and 6 out of these 25 combinations qualify for 0 or 0. Hence in these 6 cases, Vashya Dosh is said to be formed in match making. It means that every second girl on average is prohibited for a boy and every second boy on average is prohibited for a girl; merely on the basis of Varna Dosh or Vashya Dosh. It should also be noted that Varna Dosh or Vashya Dosh are only two of the defects formed during match making; and there are many other defects like Nadi Dosh, Bhakut Dosh, Graha Maitri Dosh, Gan Dosh, Yoni Dosh and other defects of this kind which may come to the scene.

Taking everything into consideration, it can be easily said that almost all the marriages in the world should face serious problems and many of them should end up in divorces or deaths of partners, as indicated by this system of Gun Milan. This is clearly not happening in real practice and therefore a different approach needs to be taken towards the bad results indicated by defects like Varna Dosh and Vashya Dosh.

In my experience of horoscope matching which now goes over thousands of cases of match making, I have witnessed hundreds of successful marriages despite the presence of Varna Dosh or Vashya Dosh in match making. This happened due to fact that the overall horoscopes of these couples were giving very good indications about the marriages of these couples as the positive factors present in these horoscopes reduced the malefic effects of Varna Dosh or Vashya Dosh to great extent. Hence Varna Dosh or Vashya Dosh could not cause any significant damage in these marriages.

Hence it should be kept in mind that the formation of Varna Dosh or Vashya Dosh during horoscope matching can cause significant problems in the marriage of a couple under consideration, only if such Varna Dosh or Vashya Dosh is supported by some other malefic defects present in one or both the horoscopes. The Tulasi Ramayana. For those practising brahminical professions, it is useful to know what is expected of a brahmin.

आपका वर्ण ही आपकी मनोदशा और सुख-दुख का कारण है ! (ज्योतिष और वर्ण) PT. D.K. SHARMA "VATSA"

The essence of the brahmin is that they receive the divine knowledge which can be imparted to others especially those in charge, and the rest of society will follow under that divine guidance. But in order for a brahmin to access that knowledge one has to live according to a certain level of purity, especially purity of the heart and mind, but also the body.

Once upon a time brahmins, which includes astrologers were taken care of by the ruling classes and served as their counsel. In today's age, we find brahmins having to resort to all kinds of means just to survive, whilst being tied to lifestyles in society which are anti purifying. As a result, it becomes difficult to maintain the internal detachment, humility and purity required to access the higher knowledge, the real vidya.

Real knowledge, internal vidya becomes deficient. The Brahmin is supposed to be chaste in mind and body, so he can have power to perform mantra. He is in charge of sonic magic mantras , to help stabilize the world around him, acting as the conduit of divine wisdom. A brahmin is not supposed to amass wealth and must live only according to his basic needs. He is supposed to be free of indulgence and a master of penance.

The brahmin's duty is the ultimate sacrificing role. Other castes do not have to follow such strict standards. He remains above the pair of opposites.

Why Varna is Not Caste

He is unmoved in joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure, pride and prejudice, has conquered desires and is free from ego-sense. The one so equipped is indeed a Brahmin.

Kaliyuga is a time of confusion and whether we can fully live up to ideals as brahmins or kshatriyas or the other two varnas is highly questionable. But nothing in the universe is just for the purpose of doom and gloom, there is an eternal blessing which runs through everything. Kaliyuga says we can make leaps and bounds in our transcendantal awareness through just a few steps of sincerity, faith and little bit of effort.

One had to go through many trials and penance before one could reach God in those ages. There are different standards and methods set in different yugas in order to connect to the divine.

But in the Kali Yuga, the present age, reaching God is very easy as long as one meditates on the divine name constantly. Those who meditate on the divine name can experience the reality of God.